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Born on Halloween, it's not really Heather's fault that she's a costume fanatic. She can't help herself, she's been in costume since birth, a seamstress since middle school, and is compelled to design and create them constantly. Whether for Burning Man events, for theme parties, for Halloween, or for Thursdays, she always has several projects underway for friends, for herself, for clients, or anyone who will let her. Heather loves consulting and conspiring on costume creations, so if you have a masquerading question or are trying to figure out exactly how to pull off your costume, please don't hesitate to ask.

Heather sees costuming as an art form, a sort interactive sculpture, where the individual is transformed through the use of finely detailed clothing and props, and a little bit of attitude. In addition to transforming the wearer into a new vision, object, or creature, the costumes are as functional, comfortable, and practical as possible. Heather's latest passion is to incorporate Electroluminescent Wire (AKA EL Wire), which resembles very thin ropes of neon, into costumes for nighttime use. This throws a whole new science project into designing illuminated costumes and requires fun toys like soldering irons!

This gallery represents a very small sampling of Heather's costume closet and collaborative creations. One minor problem with being both a photographer and a costume designer is that it's sometimes a challenge to get good pictures of your own stuff. Please check back for more fun!

Click on the image for more information about each costume creation.

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