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What's on sale at The Gap this week? WHO CARES!?

One of the things that designer Heather Gallagher loves most about living amidst San Francisco's energetic arts culture is that people are far more interested in what they can find at thrift stores, obtain from unique designers, or make themselves than what's being generated by the consumer product machine.

You can add a little art to your daily life, express your individuality, and support the common woman by choosing one of Heather's hand made creations as your next fashion statement or letting her design a piece especially for you.

With radical fashions, practical pieces, and epic costumes and accessories, the Bomask label has something that can add interest to your closet, home, or costume box and bring a smile to your face.

This site currently features furry jeans for tactile pleasures, yoga bags to carry a mat and gear in style, and a sampling of Heather's costume creations.

Come back soon to see what comes out of the creation machine next...

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