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History is filled with masks of all shapes, sizes and purpose. They are used in tribal rituals, pagan ceremonies, and theatrical productions. Bohemian Masquerade takes a modern approach to mask making in order to create beautiful, decorative, and durable pieces of art. The masks have origins ranging from classical myths and legends to day-to-day objects of whimsy.

Masks are wearable art, practically required for masquerade balls, Mardi Gras, Carnival, Halloween, and other festivals of fantasy, but don't stop there. Masks can be used at street fairs, parades, rallies, parties, protests and marches. Bohemian Masquerade masks are intended to be the ultimate accessory for any occasion. Wear one to your next formal affair as a beautiful conversation piece.

Bohemian Masquerade features masks that are made of miscellaneous mixed media, such as plastic, feathers, paint, jewels, and fabric. Whenever possible, recycled materials are used in mask construction. Some masks are mounted on frames that can be worn just like a pair of glasses. Other masks have poles, sticks, or handles to be carried. The back of each mask is covered in fabric for comfortable wearing. Each mask has it's own unique shape and profile. All the wearable masks are designed to fit on an average sized face with average sized features, and fit most people comfortably. The construction of each individual mask is presented in the Mask Gallery close-up pages.

Back of The Phoenix
Fabric covering back of mask and
mounting on glasses frame
Fleur-de-lis on handle
Mask on handle

The masks are designed to be durable and should last for many, many years. To get the most enjoyment out of your mask, keep it out of extreme heat, extreme cold, and away from moisture, dogs, and small children.

When not wearing the mask, display it in your home as an interesting art piece. It can be hung on walls, placed on shelves, or for best protection, in a glass curio. Each mask is a one of a kind piece of art and has been signed by Heather Gallaghert. To store your mask, use a strong box and some tissue paper or other protective material.

Most masks can be wiped gently with a clean dry dust cloth to remove any dirt or particles. Do not use cleaning solvents of any kind as these may damage the paint used on the masks.

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