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Known in the Burning Man community as CameraGirl, Heather is the documentrix for Black Rock City's Center Camp Cafe, CampArctica, year-round events hosted by the Burning Man project, and is the Photo Editor for the Burning Man website. Heather recently co-piloted a project to create the first ever Burning Man printed annual calendar. Some might say she is compelled to visually document and share the inspirational story of this amazing community, others might say she is totally crazy. They are both right.

All photos are copyrighted by Heather Gallagher and Black Rock City, LLC.
Burning Man images can not be used for commercial intent without permission from both and the project, but feel free to ask. A portion of any print and license commissions are given to Black Rock City, LLC.

2003 Decompression
Heat the Street Faire

2003 Beyond Belief
Flambe Lounge

2002 Cafe Webumentary
Greetings from Cafe Island!

© Heather Gallagher 2002 - All rights reserved