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Intro - Preparation

Greetings from Café Island!

Dear Friends and Family,
Been wondering what I've been up to since the fall of 2001? I was preparing for, partaking in, and then documenting my trip to Café Island!

Café Island is the heart of a Floating World located in Black Rock City, Nevada. Reaching a population of over 29,000 this year, Black Rock City is one of the largest cities in the state of Nevada ... for the one week a year that it actually exists. The city is the physical manifestation of a year-round global community of artists, freaks, performers, geeks, ravers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, rocket scientists, and other individuals who are dedicated to conscious community, radical self expression, and the participation and creation of artful living. As a result, I think it is the most beautiful city in the world and beyond.

Café Island is a bustling port and gathering place for thousands of seafarers, sirens, mermaids, sea creatures, monsters of the deep, and otherworldly aliens who dwell in and around its magical waters. The main structure on Café Island is a 38,000 square foot shade structure based on a Bedouin tent design. The beautifully decorated space contains a music stage, a spoken word stage, numerous art installations, seating areas, sacred spaces, and a coffee shop. The preparation and operation of the port at Café Island requires almost a full year of planning by a small team of hardworking and dedicated individuals sharing a common vision, and the help of several hundred fantastic volunteers.

A visit to Café Island is as much about the journey as it is the destination. Witnessing the excitement, the commitment, and the creative connections that come with an effort of such magnitude, then enjoying the results of so much love, can't help but be energizing and inspirational. I hope you enjoy the rest of the photos, postcards, videos, and more. Through them, I hope to share with you a wonderful place where I live one week a year, but that I visit in my heart everyday.

P.S. I recommend that you progress through the year with us by starting at Preparation and continuing through Construction, the Event, and After. Click on the postcard icons and thumbnail images for more information and bigger pictures.

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